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Keith Kjornes has been writing scripts for more than 40 years. His most recent work was a box office success Sci-Fi/Action screenplay "The Devil's Tomb", directed by Jason Connery, which stars Cuba Gooding Jr., Ron Perlman, Ray Winstone, Taryn Manning and Jason London. This feature film was picked up for international release and distribution by Sony Pictures.

His list of work ranges from Action/Thriller to Sci-fi Horror and everything in between! Some of his works include, "A Killer Within", starring C. Thomas Howell, Ben Browder, Sean Young and Gincarlo Esposito. "Resurrection: The J.R. Richard Story" starring David Ramsey, Sara Stokes, Junie Hoang and Charles Durning. He also had a cameo in the Roger Corman film "The Protector" as Lou, Starring Lee Majors and Ed Marinaro.

Screenplays, Scripts, Treatments and Pitch Projects from writer Keith Kjornes

Box Screenplay written by Keith Kjornes

Box Full Length Film from screenwriter Keith Kjornes

Liz Shannon Wakes up inside a wooden box. First Panic, then Calm-- Her training kicks in as she attempts to escape!
- Read first 15 of BOX in PDF
8Ball is a Sci-Fi Thriller and Awarded 8th place ont he Blood List

Eight Ball Feature Length Script from Keith Kjornes

There's a name for the most contagious drug known to man as it rips through Los Angeles. Eight Ball! The Lunatic putting into circulation has a master plan for humanity.
- Read first 15 of 8BALL in PDF
- See Eightball Place 8th on the Blood List
Reversal full length feature script by screenwriter Keith Kjornes

Reversal: Based on a true story

For 8 months, Eve was chained to the wall in the basement. Used and abused by men who made money on her misery..
- Read first 15 of Reversal in PDF
- View the Sizzle Reel and Contact Keith
The kidnapper on the streets of manhattan leaves no witness

Hellcab a horror thriller script by Keith Kjornes

The one witness to the kidnappings in lower manhattan runs to Isabella Rosas and the NYPD...
- Read first 15 of HellCab in PDF
Lethal Injection is a revenge thriller that will keep you on your toes

Keith Kjornes works his magic with the Horror Revenge Film Lethal Injection

She's running out of time to find her sisters murderer, yet will stop at nothing to discover the truth.
- Read first 13 of Lethal Injection in PDF
Get or Be Got is a Mystery that's Low Budget

Get or Be Got Feature by Veteran Writer Keith Kjornes

Private Detective John Saunders was in Prison for a murder of a man he had never met. Homicide Dective Donderfeld believed him.
- Read first 15 of Get or be Got in PDF
The perfect heist that takes place during the busiest day in hollywood, Oscar Night

Oscar Night is a Hiest Film by Keith Kjornes

Nick Kelly returns to Boston from Los Angeles with a plan to repay his debts to the mob.
- Read first 15 of Oscar Night in PDF
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